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Port Side Pilsner
Handmade German pils. Light bodied, earthy hop with light floral or dried fruit notes, crisp and clean finish.  ABV - 5% IBU - 20

Black Sail
Dunkelweizen. A European style dark lager. Notes of coffee and dark chocolate. Light lager body with dark malt flavour. ABV - 5.5% IBU - 21

Seltzer. Very light, notes of crisp apple and champagne. ABV - 4.9%

Blown Off Shore
Oatmeal Stout. Brewed with Balzac's cold brew coffee and vanilla. ABV - 6% IBU - 21

Jealous Mistress
English Brown Ale w/ Honey. Medium bodied, caramel/cola/mead flavours, made with local honey from Rosewood Estates Winery which gives it a sweetness. ABV - 6.9% IBU - 12

Blonde Ale. Light and fruity, very mild citrus notes of orange/tangerine ABV - 4.2% IBU - 12

Lock & Main
A blend of our iconic Port Side Pilsner and sweet, crisp Shiny Apple Cider. ABV - 6% IBU - 11

Industrial Pale Ale
English style IPA. Mild pine and citrus notes with balanced bitterness and clean finish.  ABV - 5.5% IBU - 45